Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Perfume, Body Serum & Balm

kahina fez

Winter doldrums have you down? Spice things up with Fez from Kahina Giving Beauty!

The Kahina Fez Hand & Body Balm was my first Fez purchase. I’m not really a balm kind of gal and usually prefer oils or creams. But I was looking for a hand moisturizer that had staying power and wanted to try the Fez scent. The Hand & Body Balm may not be as moisturizing as some other balms out there but thanks to the Fez scent I do tend to keep applying it throughout the day.

When I heard that there was a perfume version being released I started checking the Kahina website every day to find out when it would be available. I ended up buying both the Perfume Oil and the Body Serum. I initially purchased the 30 ML travel size Body Serum but have already upgraded to the 200 ML full size. The Body Serum comes in a glass bottle with a pump which makes it easy to use. Now that I have the Body Serum I’m not sure that I would purchase the Hand & Body Balm again since I think the Body Serum may be more moisturizing and I having been using it on my hands as well.

The Perfume Oil is a blend of 100% essential oils in a jojoba base. It also comes in a glass bottle and is applied via a stainless steel roller ball which makes it easy to carry with you and reapply throughout the day. (That said, it is so long lasting I don’t find myself needing to reapply it.) With most scents I find that my nose becomes accustomed to them quickly and after a few weeks I can no longer smell them, but this has not happened with Fez.

If you haven’t tried the Fez scent yet I would highly recommend testing a sample. Integrity Botanicals has samples available for both the Hand & Body Balm and the Body Serum and of course carries the full size versions of these along with the Perfume Oil.  Although I find it addictive, it is a very strong scent and may not be for everyone. It is the longest lasting natural scent that I’ve tried and has been my daily perfume and body oil this winter.

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