Star Wars Rey Costume Part 3 – Rey’s Pants & Boots

Rey Pants Front View

This installment of the Star Wars Rey Costume Series covers the Jakku pants and Rey’s unique boots from The Force Awakens. Fortunately both were purchased ready to wear with no modifications needed!

Rey’s Jakku pants from the movie appear to be a medium taupe. There is some discussion regarding whether they are actually more khaki or grey as the shade varies according to the screenshot. They are fairly loose and fall just below the knee. From photos, It looks as though the bottom of the pants is cinched by a wide band; however, the pants blouse over the bottom so the band isn’t very visible. The fabric used for the pants is raw silk.

I was lucky enough to find these pants at a local Marshalls and they fit right off the rack. The material is 100% viscose as opposed to raw silk; however, the drape of the pants closely resembles the drape of the pants in the movie.  The brand of the pants is State of Independence. Unfortunately an online search for the brand didn’t produce any results so I’m unable to provide a link to an online retailer.

Rey Pants and Po-Zu Boots

The only adjustment I did to the pants was to add some watered down brown and black paint for weathering.  While these pants have pockets and the pants in the movie do not, the wrap dress and henley shirt cover the pockets on these pants in such a way that you don’t see them. Also, the hem of these pants is made of a wide elastic band, but again because the pants blouse over the bottoms you don’t easily see the elastic.

Rey Po-Zu Boots Back View

The Rey boots used in the movie are the Po-Zu Piper V boots in dark brown. I was very happy to see that Po-Zu was ranked #1 by the Ethical Company and this did influence my decision to buy them despite the price. In addition to the price, I was also hesitant to order shoes online from another country. What if they didn’t fit? Thankfully Po-Zu does provide an online sizing guide but if you have any concerns I would recommend contacting the company by email or live chat.

I normally wear a size 6.5 US but ordered a size 38 in the boots just to be on the safe side. They are a tad bit large but I added insoles for additional arch support and wear them with thick socks. (The arch support on the boot itself is decent but I have problem feet and routinely wear insoles for additional support.) The laces in the back allow you to tighten them so that they fit snugly at the ankle. The boots are extremely comfortable and I’m surprised at how often I’ve worn these outside of the cosplay arena. I am still debating on whether to remove the green Po-Zu tags as they are not shown on the boots in the movie.

Rey Po-Zu Boots Side View

I did not have the Po-Zu boots for the Halloween costume as they were out of stock in my size at the time that I found them. Once they were back in stock and shipped it took around 2 weeks to receive them. At the time of this post it looks like most sizes are again out of stock but the site indicates that additional stock is expected in a few weeks. If you don’t want to wait or don’t want to spend the money there is a detailed post on the RPF and another detailed post on Rebel Legion regarding how to transform an inexpensive Ugg type boot to a replica of the Rey boot. They are both very impressive modifications.

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  1. Hi! Thanks you so much for these series, they are extremely helpful! I’ve never done any costumes before and this seems challenging but exciting. Also, looks like you are one of the vert few people who realized that the wrap dress is not viscose but gauze! You mentioned you dyed the pants you got, and I actually have raw silk ones in its natural greyish light color. What method would you recommend for dying them that greyis-olive color? Thank you so much!!!

    1. I didn’t dye the pants. I just added some watered down paint for weathering. These pants are actually more of a taupe (mix of grey and beige) whereas the ones that I am using for Rey’s resistance costume are more of a brownish olive. I haven’t ever dyed silk before but there is some information on the Rit Dye website. Every fabric is different and I would highly recommend doing test swatches first. Mixing different colors of dye may produce the best result. If the fabric is already grey then you may want to start with a beige dye to achieve a taupe. But if you want grey olive then you may want to use a mixture of a green and taupe. There is a lot of trial and error involved when trying to replicate a particular color.

  2. I’ve been searching the internet looking for information on Rey’s costume for my Daughter to Cosplay at UK events. I found your site and WOW! so glad you have took the time to share your knowledge. Thankyou and keep up the good work 🙂

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