Pura Vida Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

Pura Vida Body Coconut Scrub

What sets Pura Vida Body Coconut Coffee Scrub apart from others is the aroma. It actually does smell like freshly ground coffee beans, which speaks to the rawness of the ingredients. This one will really wake you up!

This scrub contains just 4 ingredients: coffee, coconut oil, sea salt, and brown sugar. Check out Pura Vida Body’s website for more information regarding the benefits of these ingredients.

Pura Vida Body Scrub Label

It is a dry scrub, with just enough coconut oil to hold the coffee, salt and sugar together, which is exactly the consistency that I like for a scrub. This one has plenty of scrubbing powder to provide sufficient exfoliation along with just enough moisture to provide the necessary slip. No need to worry about slipping and sliding on a greasy shower floor. Like any coffee based scrub it can be a tad messy at times, but because it is a drier scrub it is easier to wash the remnants down the drain. According to Pura Vida Body, the consistency may change with variations in temperature due to the coconut oil. The scrub comes packaged in a resealable bag and I usually just scoop a few spoonfuls into a bowl and keep it in the shower.

Coconut Coffee Scrub Package

Although Pura Vida Body is actually located in London, the inspiration for the scrub (as you can probably tell by the name) is Costa Rica. I was in Alajuela last year for a yoga retreat and highly recommend a visit to this magical place. Several of the photos on this website were taken there. You can read more about Costa Rica from Pura Vida Body . You can purchase Pura Vida Body Coconut Coffee Scrub directly from Pura Vida Body or through Etsy.