A Day at Ancient City Con

Rey Full Scavenger

Thought I’d post a few photos from last weekend’s Ancient City Con in Jacksonville, Florida. We spent the week before rushing to complete the final version of Rey’s Full Scavenger costume from the The Force Awakens so that I could wear it on Saturday. It’s been 10 months in the making and I’m happy to call this one DONE!


Rey head wrap

I was concerned that the head wrap would be too uncomfortable/hot to wear all day so I kept it in the backpack most of the time and didn’t put it on until later in the afternoon. However, the hand woven cotton fabric was very light and breathable so it wasn’t an issue after all. The only problem I had was that the goggles constantly fogged up so I couldn’t see that well.

Rey Costume Backpack

Rey Costume Shoulder Pad

Rey Costume Glove Bracer

Ancient City Con Vendors

Rey astromech droid

I made friends with a couple of droids from the R2 Builders Club. Unfortunately BB-8 wasn’t there. I didn’t see Poe either, so they may have been on a secret mission for the resistance.

Rey R2 BuildersRey Stormtrooper 501st

Also encountered a few adversaries from the Florida Garrison of the 501st Legion.

Roya Guard 501st

Learned about professional light saber training options from the Jedi Academy of North Florida.

Rey Jedi Costumes

There were several Rey cosplayers there but I only saw one Finn.

Rey Finn Costumes

This Horror/Space Man costume was awesome!


I really enjoyed meeting other cosplayers and learning about the activities that they were involved in. I’ll be back to Ancient City Con next year and hope to attend some other Cons in the near future.

Scavenger Rey costume



5 Replies to “A Day at Ancient City Con”

  1. Sweet Jesus! The screen accuracy of your costume is incredible! O__O Looks like taken right out of the movie! Did you do the Rey backpack yourself? How did you find (or make) the metal water bottle that goes on the side? it looks just like the one on the movie. Any you planning on posting a tutorial on how to make this backpack?

    1. Thank you! The backpack was made from a leather messenger bag but it required significant modifications. This was the most challanging piece of the costume. The “metal” water bottle is actually made from a modified plastic soap bottle and finished to look like worn metal. There is also a bottle on the bottom of the pack that has a leather & canvas coozy attached but it is hard to see in the photo. We are working on the resistence costume now but stay tuned because I plan to eventually do a post on the backpack and accessories.

  2. Wow your Rey costume is great! And I find your “how to’s” very helpful. I was just curious on how to do the head wrap? People say you make a simple top like Rey’s, with long sleeves that you put on your head. But I can’t find a picture of it not already wrapped up or how to actually sew it. Lol. I was wondering if you have a pic of it in its flat, lying out state?

    1. Ange, Thanks. Here is the “shirt” that I am using for the head wrap. As you can see, the sleeves are REALLY long. Although it looks like one is longer than the other, they are actually the same length.

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