Star Wars Rey Costume Part 7 – Arm Wraps

Rey Arm Wraps

No Rey costume can be complete without arm wraps. Learn how to make arm wraps for your own costume, with accurate texture and color, in just a few simple steps!

Rey’s arm wraps are a taupe / gray color, similar to the color of the fabric and head wrap on her outfit. The general consesus among the cosplay community seems to be that Cotton Crepe bandages are the most screen accurate material.

Cotton Crepe Bandages

I started with Ezy-Aid Bandages purchased from ebay in the 7.5cm (height) x 4.5m (length) size. The 4.5m is measured fully stretched out, so they are not actually that long. Since they are fairly inexpensive, I purchased a package of 12 rolls. (I plan to use these for Rey’s Resistance Costume as well.) The bandages are also available in other sizes, and the 10cm height may work better if you have larger arms.

Rey Arm Wraps Dye

The wraps need to be dyed in order to achieve the correct color. After some experimenting, I ended up using a simple formula of: 1/4 oz Rit Liquid Fabric Dye in Taupe and 3/8 oz Rit Liquid Fabric Dye Pearl Gray in 4 quarts of water. You may need to adjust the formula based on the exact color shades for your costume. It’s best to cut a small swatch to test the color before dyeing the complete piece. I added a sprinkle of salt in with the dye to help the wraps absorb the color and heated the dye water to a warm (but not hot) tempature on the stove. Then I added 3 of the bandages to the dye bath and stirred them while they soaked for 5 minutes. After removing them, I rinsed, then washed, the bandages with warm soapy water and let them air dry.

Rey Arm Wraps Seam

I found a single bandage for each arm to be a little too short for overlapping wraps around my arms, so I cut the 3rd bandage in half, folded over the cut end and stitched each half piece onto a full length bandage to make each arm wrap 1 1/2 bandages long. This gave me plenty of length to wrap my arms without any exposed skin. I wrapped from the upper arm down and wrapped at least 2 times around when starting to keep it tight at the beginning of the bandage. Then each wrap overlaps the previous half, so every area is covered by 2 layers of bandage. Then the end is just folded and tucked underneath at my wrists!

Arm Wrap Weathering

To complete the wraps I added some weathering using black and brown acrylic paint, watered down and mixed with some fabric medium and applied with a sponge. The fabric medium helps keep the color from washing out of the fabric. I found it easiest to have someone apply the weathering with the arm wraps on to guage how they look from a distance.

Tools & Materials:
Rit Liquid Fabric Dye in Taupe
Rit Liquid Fabric Dye in Pearl Gray
Fabric Medium
Small Sponge
Black Acrylic Paint
Brown Acrylic Paint
Several Cotton Crepe Gauze Rolls
Taupe Thread

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