emeraldB Empties for 2016 – Body Care

2016 Empties Body Care

For the third and final segment of emeraldB Empties for 2016, I’m covering the body care products I used in 2016. There are a few more “empties” in this category than in the others as I tend to go through more body care products.

Beessential Body Wash

Beessential Moisturizing Natural Body Wash
The Beessential Moisturizing Natural Body Wash may be the best body wash I’ve tried to date and it’s reasonably priced at $8.99 for 8 fl. oz. The photo above only shows the Grapefruit Lemongrass and Lavender Bergamot versions but I’ve also used the Peppermint. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d pick the Peppermint as I prefer a scent that can wake me up in the morning. However, all three Beessential Body Washes are on my repurchase list. (The Lavender and the Peppermint have the strongest scent.)

Flo + Theo Wild Mint Body Polish

Wild Mint Body Polish from Flo +Theo
I usually prefer more of a dry scrub but the Wild Mint Body Polish from Flo + Theo won me over with it’s intense mint scent. The jar describes it as “Bold Fresh Stimulating” and I would agree. Flo + Theo’s Wild Mint Body Polish one of the most invigorating scrubs that I’ve experienced. It’s a rather oily scrub so there is no need for a moisturizer afterwards.


Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum in Fez
I’ve previously reviewed the Kahina Giving Beauty Fez line here. This is a thicker oil based serum that does an excellent job at moisturizing dry skin during the winter. The pump makes it easy to use. The only downside is that it is difficult to know when you are running low.  The Fez scent is very spicy, which I appreciate during the cooler months, but you may want to try a sample before you buy.

Beauty Count Rose Neroli Body Oil

Beauty Counter Body Oil in Rose Neroli
I’m generally not found of rose scented products so I wasn’t overly excited when I received the Rose Neroli body oil in my monthly Beauty Heroes subscription. However, the scent of the Neroli beautifully balances out the Rose Otto to create a unique floral scent.  The more I used it, the more I liked it. I would put it on my repurchase list but it’s not currently available on the Beauty Counter website. However, the body oil is available in Citrus Rosemary and I may have to try this out.

Lina Hanson Global Body Serum

Lina Hanson Global Body Serum
The Global Body Serum is a light oil-based serum that is perfect for the warmer months. But if you prefer a heavier moisturizer, you can always combine this with an unscented oil or body lotion. The scent is a citrus vanilla blend that is very similar to the Lina Hanson Satori perfume oil.

Osmia Sunset Body Oil

Osmia Organics Body Oil in Sunset
The Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil also has a vanilla base. But this blend also contains jasmine, bergamot, and coriander. I’m not usually fond of jasmine but I do like this blend. (Bath & Body Works used to have a bergamot coriander scent in their aromatherapy line and I’ve been trying to recreate that scent for years with no success.) The Sunset body oil has a slightly thicker consistency than the Lina Hanson Global Body Serum but it absorbs well so it is still appropriate for the spring summer months.

Odacite Hand & Heel Therapy

Odacite Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy
Odacite Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy is the first natural based product for calloused feet that I’ve tried that actually works. It’s a cream, not a balm and while it works well as a nighttime treatment it’s not too thick to use in the morning as well. This Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy contains sugar and fruit extracts for exfoilation along with olive oil, shea butter and aloe for hydration.  It also contains essential oils, which provide a strong citrus scent as well as anti-bacterial properties.

Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Everybody Loves the Sunshine is an oil based serum that contains jojoba, coconut, tamanu, sea buckthorn, and red raspberry seed oils along with essential oils. These oils are considered by many to be beneficial for skin that is exposed to the sun. This version does not have an SPF and does not contain zinc oxide, titanium oxide, or any synthetic sunscreens. They do make another version Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc that, as the name implies, does contain Zinc Oxide. I’ve purchased the Zinc Oxide version but haven’t tried it yet. While I wouldn’t rely on the version without Zinc Oxide as a sunscreen for a day at the beach, I have used it successfully several times when I was outside for a couple of hours at the time.

That’s a wrap for 2016! I hope you enjoyed emeraldB empties for 2016. I’m looking forward to doing more product reviews in 2017 so stay tuned!