Star Wars TFA Resistance X-Wing Pilot Costume: Part 3 – Gloves and Boots

TFA X-Wing Pilot Gloves

In this segment of the TFA Resistance X-Wing Pilot Costume tutorial, we suggest some readily available (and inexpensive) gloves and boots that can be easily transformed into screen accurate cosplay versions for your favorite pilot!

The screen used The Force Awakens X-Wing pilot gloves have been identified as leather UK Police Riot Gloves, that are apparently no longer available. I used the Resistance Fighter Pilot Gloves from the Costumebase, which were included with my flightsuit. They are made of faux leather and are lined, but I removed the lining to make them cooler to wear. The lining came out easily by just flipping them inside out and using some small scissors to cut it free where it was stitched to the glove.

TFA X-Wing Pilot Glove Thumb

I also shortened the thumbs on my gloves, as they were too long. This was also easily done by just flipping the thumb inside out, re-stitching the end shorter, then cutting off the excess material at the end.

TFA X-Wing Pilot Glove Weathering

To make the gloves look old and worn, I went over the surface with some gray and brown acrylic paint mixed with a little acrylic polyurethane.

However, if you are not on a tight budget, Wampa Wear offers genuine leather Resistance Pilot Gloves for around $60. There is a version with two pads on the back of the thumb, accurate for Poe’s costume, and a version with a single pad on the thumb, accurate for Jess Pava’s costume.

X-wing Pilot Boots

The X-Wing pilot boots worn by Poe and most other Resistance pilots are black with a unique raised design on the front top and toe area. For this piece of my costume, I decided on winter boots from JD Williams, which are sold in women’s sizes but run large. I wear 9.5 men’s size, but the women’s size 10 fit. Currently, these are about $27 with shipping, which is a bargain for screen accurate footwear. Alternatively, “Mucker” boots also seem to be a popular choice or snow boots available on eBay also have the same design on the lower section.

Poe x-wings Boots

The design of the upper part of the boot can vary since it is covered by the flightsuit, but for the price I found the JD Williams boots to be comfortable and great quality. These boots have a silver section on the back center area, but it is not visible under the legs of the flightsuit. As a precaution, I went ahead and painted over the silver with some matte black spray paint, but it’s unlikely the leg of the flight suit will ever raise up enough to expose the silver section unless you are climbing or running. I also weathered the boots, again using gray and brown acrylic paint mixed with a little acrylic polyurethane.

TFA x-wing pilot boots weathering

If you are making a Snap Wexley or Nien Numb version of The Force Awakens pilot costume, Servus overboots from Tractor Supply appear to be the screen accurate ones.

If you have any suggestions for other gloves and boots that can be used for a TFA Resistance X-Wing pilot costume, please let us know. If you missed the first two segments of this tutorial, check them out here :
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