Star Wars TFA Resistance X-Wing Pilot Costume: Part 4 – Belt and Harness

X-Wing Pilot Belt Harness

Accessories make the outfit, so in this segment of the Star Wars TFA Resistance X-Wing Pilot Costume tutorial, I’ll provide the steps and materials needed to make a screen accurate belt and harness along with an alternative option if you prefer to purchase a completed belt and harness instead.

I made my belt and harness by following a great tutorial and parts list made by a member of the Rebel Legion forum. The tutorial is very detailed and contains all the information required to construct an accurate belt and harness, using basic sewing skills. You may need to register to view that area on their website, but the Rebel Legion forums are an excellent source for costume information and pieces for sale. I substituted the listed belt for the same style belt from a different seller, as I had an issue with the eBay seller referenced in the Rebel Legion tutorial.

The belt I used came with a plastic buckle, so I had to order an additional roll pin buckle. However, with the alternate belt I was able to construct my belt, (for my 42″ waist size) using a single belt, instead of splicing two together, which saved some work.

I ordered the referenced charcoal color webbing and painted the belt and straps with Medium Gray Duplicolor Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint. If you plan on adding a holster to your pilot costume, you will need to order about two feet of extra two-inch webbing. For a thigh strap on the holster, like Poe’s costume in The Last Jedi, you will need about 3 feet of one-inch charcoal webbing.

X-Wing Pilot Velcro Harness

The Rebel Legion tutorial suggests stitching the harness strap to the belt in the rear, so it stays in place. After having to remove the harness from the belt at this location to attach my holster, I decided to add velcro to the inside of the belt and the harness loop. This allows the harness to be easily removed if needed and allows for adjustment to keep the harness centered in the back.

X-Wing Pilot Belt

For my harness paddles I purchased a pair of machined aluminum ones from the Rebel Legion classifieds section. Since the paddles need to have a slight inward bend in them, I bent them by hand by just placing them on the edge of a counter and pushing them downward. I have also seen paddles made from plastic and finished with silver Rub N’ Buff that came out very nice.

X-wing Pilot harness screws

I also opted to use Chicago screws, as suggested in the tutorial, which I purchased from Tandy Leather. I used a soldering iron to make the necessary holes in the harness webbing. Where the back strap connects around the belt, I also added a flat washer and a lock washer to each Chicago screw. Since these screws only connect two pieces of webbing, this filled the extra space, and helped to keep them in place.

X-wing pilot belt harness

To weather the belt I used small amounts of dark gray, black and brown acrylic paint, applied with a rag around the harness straps, belt edges and buckle area. If you don’t sew or just don’t want to make your own belt and harness, a seller on Etsy currently sells TFA X-Wing Pilot belt and harness sets made in custom sizes.

DIY X-Wing Pilot

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