emeraldB Empties for 2016 – Skin Care

2016 empties skincare

Many beauty bloggers do monthly posts of “empties”. I’m doing a post of “empties” for the entire year, but then again I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger. I really don’t like to waste products so I try to only buy what I can consume. Since I’m not very heavy-handed with products, I don’t generate that many “empties”. But, here are the skin care products that I did use in 2016. Continue reading “emeraldB Empties for 2016 – Skin Care”

Star Wars Rey Costume Part 8 – Rey’s Wrist Cuff / Bracer

Rey Costume Wrist Cuff

If you’ve already made Rey’s Belt (and/or the leather holster from Rey’s Resistance Costume) then making the bracer should be a breeze, and you may even have enough leather leftover for the main part of the bracer. If not, then this is a great opportunity to try out your leather skills!

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