3 Practical Tools for Natural Hair Care

If you saw my prior post on natural hair care, you know that I’ve been using natural hair products for a while now after going through a rather rough detox. During that time I’ve experimented with several products and tools – some good and some not so good – to discover what works best for me. In this post I’m featuring 3 of the most practical tools for natural hair care.
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Natural Hair Care – The Detox

Natural Hair Detox Products
My first undertaking with respect to natural beauty was to revamp my hair products. This was primarily because I was unhappy with the current state of my hair. Although I’ve always had a head full of wavy, textured hair, I had noticed that I was losing quite a bit in the shower and it no longer had the shine that it used. Initially I thought this was due to age, but I now believe that it had more to do with the abuse it suffered through hot irons, blow dryers and the massive amount of chemicals that I was applying to it on a daily basis. I used a lot of hair products – styling cream to straighten, spray for volume, serum for shine, balm for more shine, spray for hold. Having a lot of textured hair meant I needed a lot of help (tools, products) to control it. Or so I thought.

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